The ScienceGirls Video

One of the major missions of the ScienceGirls Project is to highlight to what extent the project’s innovative work forms have impact on the participating student girls.

Therefore, The ScienceGirls Video represents one very important result of the project that was created by the participating girls’ teams in collaboration with the project’s technical partner.

The rationale behind the Video was to allow the teams of girls from the five European schools that participated in the project to:
• document and share their local and collaborative experience along the project;
• document and describe their reactions to the innovative work forms and activities in the project;
• put special focus on how the project activities changed their mentality and created a renewed interest in science learning with strong links to female identities and aspirations;
• make the European audiences understand how this transformation can take place.

The core mission of the Video is to describe how the girls developed their attitudes and feelings towards science along the project.

The Video is made up of testimonies, interviews and documentation of the teams’ experiences – with a strong focus on teenage girls’ science learning visions. The perspective of the video is historic, capturing change and telling stories about subjective development.

The Video renders the story of the transformation and creates confidence and assurance that Science Girls are REAL.

The Video proves the transformation underwent by the student girls in the sequential process of appropriating the female scientist image that involved:
• creating identity and connection
• psychological transformation
• accepting a new identity

Communities of girls across Europe can join the ever growing trend of Science Girls anytime and live the dream of becoming a science woman.

The Video shows authentic testimonies from the Science Girls themselves!

Just watch them!

In support of the continuous video production that the girls undertook along the project, the following special support resource, the Handbook for Shooting & Editing, was created by the project.