Raw materials

One of the roles that the teams of girls undertook in ScienceGirls project was that of being a journalist, which was aimed to record their activities and testimonies along the project in order to foster the creation of deep and sustainable interest among peer female teenagers in research, science and innovation.

The girls benefited from guidance on the practical aspects of young students’ co-creation since the main results of the project are based on their production of raw materials. The co-creation of the raw materials was played out at the following 3 levels:

  1. a) co-creation as local-team based work forms including with the support teachers and local collaborators,
  2. b) co-creation as transnational and virtual collaboration between the participating youth
  3. c) co-creation at the level of the project, along which the female students will collaborate with the project’s knowledge partners and media partner

The teams of girls created video elements and “chapters” from the local community activities, from the virtual collaboration including with the female role-models, from the ScienceGirls Encounter and from the very important milestone testimonies from teachers, young people and community collaborators.

To accomplish their media tasks, the young girls developed new competences in the following fields:

– designing and creating serious videos instead of consuming games and videos created by others

– creating valuable documentation to be used in real-life by others, not just in the classroom

– going through the entire circle of creating raw materials, editing and publishing a serious product

– adding considerable creative dimension to their media capacity

– learning to work with language and subtitling

– learning to design a full story, as a 30 minutes video needs qualified story-telling

The continuous media work across the project endowed the girls with very important spin-off competences and added values, some of which are very high on the European competence agenda. Furthermore, these added competences will prove extremely valuable to the young girls’ motivation and their school performance.